19.2KWH House-Hold Energy Storage Battery

Technical data
Model ES192100T
Total(WH) 19200
Nominal Voltage(V) 192
Depth of discharge(DOD) 80%
Cycle life 4000 cycle 80% DOD 25°C 
Design life 10 years
Discharge voltage(V) 219~150
Charge voltage(V) 219
Max.Charge current(A) 60
Max.Discharge current(A) 60
Communication port RS232/RS485/CAN-BUS
Storage Temperature(°C) 10~25
Altitude <2000M
Humidity <95% RH
Scalable 1
Protection rating IP54
Operating termperature(°C) ﹣10~60
Weight(KG) 168.0
Dimension(L*W*H)mm 710*450*192
Proper for premium house-hold application.
Color-Touch display for better ergonomic.  
Compatible with 3-Phase Invertor.