6 Cell Traction Module Lithium Battery LiFePO4 Manufacturers






Technical data
Module Dimension 438 x 275 x 116 mm
Module Capacity 150 Ah
Rated Voltage 19.2 V 
Weight 24 kg
Cell Connection Mode 1P6S / Laser Welding
Total Energy 2880 Wh
Module Housing Aluminum / Laser Weld
Operating Temperature  -22℃ to 55 ℃
Other Connection Type 3P2S, 2P3S












Fully Aluminum, robust, lightweight, excellent heat emission and balance.

Cell connection by laser welding, strong and stable.

Modular design facilitates the Pack design, assembly, and service.

Super shock resistance




EKT Lithium Battery Module is based on LiFePO4 technology. It has excellent safety, long service time, good temperature performance, high energy density, low cost, and no pollution.