How to choose the reliable lithium ion battery manufacturer in the material handling industry 


As lithium-ion batteries become more and more reliable, it has driven a sharp increase in lithium battery production. Therefore, how to choose a reliable battery manufacturer and how to identify batteries have become crucial.


1/. Checking the manufacturer reliability 

At present, there are more and more lithium battery manufacturers, you can't be sure whether these enterprises have factories and certificates, so you can't be sure whether the lithium batteries produced by them are safe or reliable, and the rights of customers and consumers can't be guaranteed. If you want to see the actual scale of lithium battery manufacturers, you must personally verify, check the qualification documents, check whether the equipment and workshop meet the standards, whether the products have certificates, and whether they cooperate with well-known customers, etc.  


When talking about the quality of lithium batteries, two aspects are most often mentioned, cell production and pack integration technology. From battery design to material selection, processing, and final products, the production technology level of the different manufacturer is different. Therefore, you must pay attention to the control of battery quality in these two aspects of the factory. 


2/. Checking the safety performance 

For lithium battery, the most important thing is its safety. It is recommended that you choose lithium batteries with national certification guarantee, these batteries have been certified by the national safety testing agency and are more reassuring to use. This is the highest standard in the lithium battery production industry. 

In 2020, EKT and TUV joined forces in order to meet the European standard for industrial battery safety. After almost one year of dedication, we are now proud to stand among the few Lithium traction battery suppliers which are TUV tested and certified.



3/. Checking the after service ability

Only manufacturers with good service can make customers have no worries. The warranty period of lithium battery products and after-sales service of manufacturers is very important.  


To choose the right lithium battery, you must choose a reliable lithium battery manufacturer. Selecting the best battery for your operation may be an extensive process, as there are many factors to consider. EIKTO lithium battery, as an industrial lithium battery system & solution provider. Our lithium batteries have advantages with less maintenance, less security risks, and more energy-saving. We can realize a win-win for both environment and the overall efficiency of operations. 


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Created on:2021/09/26