Advantages of Lithium Package Solution | LiFePO4 Battery V.S Lead-Acid Battery


In the forklift industry, it comes down to having two preferred power sources, Lead-acid batteries, and Lithium batteries. Lead-acid battery technology has been around for nearly a century, and the technology has been used to this day and has made great progress. On the other hand, lithium-ion battery technology, first introduced in 1991, has significant advantages over lead-acid.

Long Cycle Life 

Tests indicate that after 4,000 charge/discharge cycles, EIKTO battery Cell’s capacity decreases only about 20%
In contrast, even the best Pb battery is only good for 1,000 ~ 1,500 cycles. 

Li-Bs don’t have the voltage sag & sulfation issues that Pb batteries suffer from. 
They give a full charge until exhausted. 

Quick charging + Opportunity Charging

With proper electricity currency, a Li-B can absorb 50% of its capacity from a boost charge time of just 30 minutes, can reach full charge status in 60 to 120 minutes.  Unlike Pb-battery, there is NO need for an absorption phase to get the final 20% charged. 

Without memory effect, opportunity charging is very valuable especially for heavy-duty working conditions, such as airports, large warehousing, and logistics centers.  EIKTO Li-Bs eliminate or reduce the need for a battery change after shifts.  You can charge it during any break.


Among all types of Li-Bs, LiFePO4 is the safest one due to its chemical nature and battery mechanism. 

Each of EIKTO Li-B Pack is equipped with Battery Management System (BMS). 
The main functions of BMS are: 
To protect from Short Circuit Protection (SCP), Over Voltage Protection (OVP), 
Over Current Protection (OCP), Over Temperature Protection (UTP), 
Under Voltage Protection (UVP), etc. 

No worrying about corrosion of the connector, the cable, the steel case, and the ground.

High Energy Efficiency

The energy density of EIKTOLi-B Pack is about 140Wh/kg, 3 times of Pb battery’s.
To make a comparison, based on the same battery capacity, a Li-B Pack is about 25% weight of a Pb battery, and the size is 33% of it. Accordingly, powered by Li-B, you can drive a vehicle 1.2 times distance than the Pb battery. 

In addition, during charging and discharging, the Energy Conversion Efficiency of Li-B is about 98%, while Pb batteries could only reach the utmost 85%.  Using Li-B is energy-saving obviously. 


Li-B is and represents the most advanced battery trend.
Different from Pb battery or Ni-Cd, or Ni (H) batteries, Li-B is produced without Cd, Pb, Hg, which leads to heavy metal pollution. 

During charging, Li-B does NOT generate hydrogen-like Pb battery does. 

Li-B has no safety issues without gassing, so ventilation systems are no more necessary in charging areas. 

Maintenance Free

Just plug in and you are good to go. 

Free you from routine maintenance work like watering Pb-battery.

Universal Application For Different Models

EIKTO Li-B Packs are well designed to fit most of, if not all, popular electric forklift brands and models. 

A full range of 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V, 80V, from 150AH to 750AH.

Besides, EIKTO can customize any special requirement of battery solutions.


For Pb batteries, users prefer Fresh ones. 

Corrosion during storage ages batteries.

Charging every 1 or 2 months is mandatory.

Storage is a big issue and cost for Pb batteries.

This will Never occur on a Li-B due to its chemical nature and battery mechanism.v

Remote Monitor Over Internet

EIKTO Li-ion Battery Pack is accessible via the internet. Customers can monitor the battery status anytime and anywhere.

It greatly facilitates the management of the battery fleet and rental business. 

TCO: Total Cost of Ownership 
The Echelon Utilization of Li-Bs: when a Li-B is scrapped, the capacity of less than 80% of the nominal capacity can be re-used or the echelon used, for example, in a lighter duty forklift. Or can be used in energy storage projects or related power supply base stations, whose function is similar to the 100 megawatts Powerpack in South Australia made by Elon Musk. 

With all the advantages of EIKTO Li-B systems, it is obvious that replacing the existing Pb-battery with EIKTO will improve your TCO, enhance competitive advantages and increase your profit margin. 



Created on:2021/07/28