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While more and more users are aware of all the advantages of Lithium technology, until today there were still four bottlenecks that are stopping the popularization of Lithium traction batteries: 

•    Number 1 is "Safety"
The safety of Lithium Batteries is a common concern in the market

•    Number 2 is "Cost"
An initial investment in Lithium batteries is not affordable at all.

•    Number 3 is "Reliability"
There is no proven Lithium traction battery available in the market, hidden cost is not assured while shifting from lead-acid to Lithium.

•    Number 4 is "Serviceability"

Users are not familiar with Lithium batteries and are afraid of the potential complication. At EKT, with our passion for "power your business with green energy", we have already removed the above hurdles.



Our traction battery is made from Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFeFo4). Unlike the highly flammable Nickel contained Lithium battery, Lithium Iron Phosphate is very stable due to its chemical nature. So far, it is the safest Lithium type for traction batteries. LiFePo4 is even safer than traditional Lead-Acid Batteries since Lead-Acid Batteries do generate Hydrogen during charging.


With our mass production from end to end - Lithium Cell, Lithium Module, and Lithium System - EKT can offer the most cost-effective Lithium traction battery ever in the market, meanwhile, our MSD concept is bringing our cost further lower. MSD: Minimized Standard Drop-in.


There is a concern of unreliable traction system by applying NMC Cells, Cells for stationary application, B-Grade Cells from the automobile industry, as well, most of BMS integration is not tailored for traction. EKT supplies real "Heavy Duty Traction Cell" and real "Traction BMS" - as the biggest player in this segment, our products are already proven by many thousands of users in the market.


EKT's product is maintenance-free and service/ friendly. Thanks to the modular battery design and implementation of telematics in a full range of products, servicing our battery system is even less time-consuming than a traditional lead-acid battery.



EKT's Application in Traction EKT's 150AH LiFePo4 is the most suitable Lithium Cell for traction application. EKT is the best power supply for all ground traction, including Material Handling Equipment, Golf-Buggy, Aerial work Platform, Cleaning Equipment. EKT is also among the few companies whose product is CCS certified to supply power for marine traction, electric vessels, and yacht. EKT supplies a large quantity of traction battery systems, more than any other Lithium Battery company in the market. We provide both standard and customized solutions to fit your specific requirement.





EKT's Application in Marine EKT's 24V and 48V Marine Battery is specially designed for leisure boats. IP67 Standard, Water-Proof, Rust-Proof, Shock-Proof for all-weather application, with CCS certified Lithium Cell and Module. It is compatible with all onboard electric motors, with communication or without communication. EKT is also supplying customized energy solutions for bigger electric vessels.





EKT's Application in Energy Storage EKT's both 40AH and 150AH Cell is suitable to store energy for various purposes. Applications such as House-Hold Energy Storage, Energy Storage for Solar Panel, UPS power for telecom stations. Our versatile solutions are boosting a sustainable future for our planet.



WHY EKT? Unique design for heavy duty application.

•    135AH, 150AH, 175AH capacities for industrial's high capacity and peak current application
•    In-line tab design and ultra-sonic welding ensures super anti-vibration
•    Full tab connection and aluminum housing optimize the heat performance
•    Highly stable and safe with max. tolerance of 2C charge and discharge current.

Battery module esp. for heavy-duty application 

•    Fully aluminum for heat ventilation and balance
•    Fully laser welding for robustness and anti-vibration
•    Integrated laser welding cell connection for peak current and anti-vibration
•    Great convenience for battery pack service due to modular design

Product Excellence 

•    EKT's Cell is made according to the highest standard available in the market, the same level as the automobile industry.
•    With our strong know-how, we know what is critical for your application.
•    No matter traction or energy storage, EKT product is proven in the market as the name for "reliable and robust".

Quality Excellence

•    Your EKT product is made from a fully automated facility managed under the MES system.
•    Every cell and system is traceable

Service Excellence 

•    EKT's responsive service team and network are committed to resolving your problems within 48 hours.
•    EKT can offer cloud-based service, thanks to the implementation of telematics and mobile phone APP (Lithium Partner)
•    When comes to the components, you can precise the components in each battery system from EKT database.

Together with an extensive network, we are at your service around the clock and around the world.





Created on:2021/07/19