EKT’s 24V and 48V Marine Battery is specially designed for leisure boats.
IP67 Standard, Water-Proof, Rust-Proof, Shock-Proof for all-weather application, with CCS certified Lithium Cell and Module.
It is compatible with all on-board electric motor, with communication or without communication.
EKT is also supplying customized energy solution for bigger electric vessels.



EKT’s 150AH LiFePo4 is the most suitable Lithium Cell for traction application
EKT is the best power supply for all ground traction, including Material Handling Equipment, Golf-Buggy, Aerial work Platform, Cleaning Equipment.
EKT is also among the few companies whose product is CCS certified to supply power for marine traction, electric vessels and yacht. 
EKT supplies large quantity of traction battery systems, more than any other Lithium Battery companies in the market.
We provide both standard and customized solutions to fit your specific requirement.

EKT’s both 40AH and 150AH Cell is suitable to storage energy for various purpose.
Applications such as : House-Hold Energy Storage,  Energy Storage for Solar Panel, UPS power for telecomm stations.
Our versatile solutions are boosting a sustainable future for our planet.